7 Healthy Bag Must-Haves for Every Senior Citizen


While not everyone is inclined to carry a bag everywhere they go, it is important that our senior citizens carry one. One of the most basic reasons is to have all their essential needs with them at all times. This is to avoid any troubles when they leave home.

Superior Home Health Care Services, Inc. has your well-being in mind at all times. This is our motivation to continue providing the best services that our Home Health Care can give. Together, we listed down the items you must always have your loved ones carry with them:

  1. Emergency medication organizer box

    This is a very essential item for every senior citizen to have. It is best to carry around an organized box of medication since some errands or appointments do not provide definite durations. It is why our senior citizens should, at least, have a two-day supply of medication. This is to assure that your loved ones does not miss out on their medication schedule.

  2. Sunblock and sunscreen

    Especially when they leave during the day, it is important for our senior citizen to keep their skin protected from the sun. As a basic skincare reason, it is also to avoid any health issues should they be spending too much time in the sun.

  3. Rubbing alcohol or sanitizers

    Sometimes, even for us, the hands are exposed to many germs – even in the comfort of your house. It touches non-sanitized surfaces. That is why it is essential to have a sanitizer in the bag. It is used before and after meals as well.

  4. Wet tissues and dry tissues

    As soon as people head out of the house, there is pollution that sticks to the skin. Wet tissues will come in handy for the sticky skin situation. Dry tissues are also handy when it comes to wiping off sweat and drying the hands after washing.

  5. A water tumbler

    It is important to stay hydrated. Some people underestimate the consumption of water when it’s not too hot outside – even cold climates can dehydrate the skin and body. Bringing water with you at all times is not reserved for the warmer days alone.

  6. Identification cards and cash

    It is important to bring identification cards for anyone – especially for emergency purposes like purchasing prescription drugs that need verifications. Also, it is best to keep emergency cash tucked with the prescriptions.

  7. Doctor’s prescriptions

    Always keep in mind to have the prescriptions from doctors in the wallet. In case the medication box is forgotten, this can work as a plan B to make sure there are no lapses in taking the prescribed medications at a certain time.

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